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Detroit Car Auctions - Auctions in Metro Detroit
...where you can find new and used cars, trucks, boats, an more up to 90% off retail value!

Each month, 1000's of vehicles become government property through seized and foreclosure laws.  Since there are so many vehicles in these government auctions, and the enormous costs for storage, these vehicles must be sold fast and cheap!

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Besides cars, trucks, and boats, you can also search for office equipment, sports memorabilia, furniture, jewelry, and more!

Looking to buy foreclosures? You can search the database and find foreclosures all over the country!

Knowing where and when these auctions are happening is crucial to getting Bargains on just about anything you ever wanted to buy! No other site presents as comprehensively organized a database of these upcoming and ongoing agency auctions, and in as usable a manner, as here.

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